Frequently Asked Questions

A Patient Advocate acts as a vital link between healthcare providers and their patients. Their primary role is to help patients understand critical information about their overall health and well-being, empowering them to make informed medical decisions. Whether they are a medical professional, family member, or friend, a Patient Advocate collaborates directly with clients (or their legal representatives) to ensure that their voices are heard regarding care, treatment options, and available resources.

At Health Advocates of New Jersey, our Independent Health Advocates collaborate closely with clients and collaborate with their healthcare providers. We assist in creating personalized care plans, addressing any gaps in care, and enhancing overall quality of life. Our experienced healthcare professionals recognize the challenges of navigating the complex healthcare landscape. That is why we are enthusiastic about guiding those we serve.

Patients and their families face significant obstacles when making medical decisions. The complex healthcare system, lack of complete information, and uncertainty make self-advocacy difficult. Independent Patient Advocates can bridge this gap and empower patients to speak up effectively.

A private patient advocate is committed solely to you. We prioritize your best interests, ensuring that your needs and well-being come first. In contrast, hospital-employed advocates, while occasionally offering valuable insights, serve the hospital’s interests. Their primary function revolves around supporting the hospital system rather than advocating for you as an individual.

Remember, when it comes to your health and care, having an advocate who truly represents your voice can make all the difference.

No. We facilitate the coordination of your care and provide guidance throughout the process. However, the ultimate decisions regarding your health and the health of your family members rest with you. Our role is to empower you to make well-informed choices that align with your individual needs.

We are proud to be based in the State of New Jersey, where we offer our comprehensive patient advocacy services. Our primary focus is on residents living within New Jersey. However, we recognize that health challenges know no boundaries, and we receive requests from clients’ family members residing in other states across the nation. These caring individuals seek our assistance for their loved ones who also happen to reside in New Jersey.

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond geographical limitations. Through innovative approaches, we bridge distances by providing our services via conference calls and face-to-face video chat meetings. Additionally, our collaboration with skilled, board-certified patient advocates who share our mission, vision, and goals allows us to expand our scope of practice and resources. Together, we ensure that our clients’ needs are met, regardless of their location.

Yes. At Health Advocates of New Jersey, our fees are customized to cater to the unique requirements of each client. Our pricing structure is designed to align with the specific services we provide. As the demand for our services fluctuates, we reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly. Rest assured that we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Customized Care: When you pay out of pocket, your care is not dictated by insurance limitations.

Patient-Centric Approach: Advocates work solely for your benefit, aiming to improve the quality of your care.

Stress Reduction: Knowing you have an expert advocate reduces stress during medical challenges.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run: Better coordination of care often leads to cost savings and improved outcomes.

In summary, while insurance does not cover private patient advocate services, investing in an advocate can significantly enhance your healthcare journey.

We take pride in our New Jersey roots, where we provide comprehensive patient advocacy services. While our primary focus is on residents within the state, we understand that health challenges transcend borders. As a result, we receive requests from family members of clients residing in other states across the nation. These compassionate individuals seek our assistance for their loved ones who happen to live in New Jersey.

Our commitment to accessibility goes beyond geographical boundaries, and our team is ready to meet you wherever you are—whether it is at your home, a rehab facility, a hospital, or virtually.